Project team

The leaders

Kristin, Astrid, Gustav & Kristofer

Projektledare – Astrid Selling Sjöberg – riksspelman (nationally honored fiddler) and folk singer from Blekinge.Has devoted a lot of time to archives with  traditional music from Blekinge, to interview and collect tumes and songs.
Read her blog >>
Sings in the folksinging ensemble Bessman.
Member of the group Rùl
Composes music for theater – Svart Madonna, Kung Byxlös, Varenda Music.Creative manager and founder of Folk Practice Academy together with Kristin Borgehed.
Is also an interaction designer and works with concept development and communication strategies for the Internet. Member of the creative team Mellanslaget.
Owner of two companies – Flokk and Clog Hill Productions

Kristin Borgehed– folk singer in Urshult. Researcher on folk singing techniques in Sweden and Norway, with emphasis on tonality and timbre. Plays the double bass.Sings in the folksinging ensemble Bessman.

Creative manager and founder of Folk Practice Academy together with Astrid Selling Sjöberg.

Gustav Nilsson – sings and plays American folk music on the guitar and the harmonica. Member of the bluegrass group Traveling Light Band.Music and history teacher at Mårtensskolan in Lund.
Kristofer Johanson – percussionist at Musik i Blekinge. Works with stage performances and teaching. Member of the jazz group Jazz Unit.

The youth group

Sofia Rolandsdotter, Karlskrona
guitar, bass, singing

Linnea Blomgren, Karlskrona

Rasmus Krohn, Allatorp/Tomelilla
guitar, singing

Caroline Håkansson, Kallinge/Lund
flutes, singing

Christian Klinteberg, Lyckeby
cello, singing

Emmie Löfgren, Aspö
singing, traditional drums

Julia Smedenmark, Hallabro
fiddle, singing

Agnes Sjöberg, Järnavik
fiddle, harp, singing

My Bejmar, Asarum
fiddle, guitar, singing

Saga-Sofie Björngreen-Mattsson, Karlshamn
fiddle, singing

Martin Nilsson, Karlshamn/Olofström
fiddle, cello, singing




Hilda Bergqvist, Bräkne-Hoby
trumpet, guitar, singing




Linnea Gustavsson, Bräkne-Hoby
singing, photography




Kajsa Moberg, Karlshamn




Philip Brosgård, Karlskrona
guitar, harmonica




Sissela Sjöberg
trumpet, singing, photography


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