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I am the project manager of the folk music project Baltic Sea Inter Cult

Midwinterfeast with the folk singers

Saturday we had a sort of combo-party. We ended the Autumn singing and marked a beginning for the Spring. But we also took farewell (for a while) of Kristin who is going to make Aberdeen her headquarters for the coming … Continue reading

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Everything must come to an end…or not?

Last Saturday the BaSIC-team had its last concert. The project have been going on since February 2011 and has now come to its final chapter. 18 youth and 4 leaders (and hundreds of people in the outskirts) have been involved … Continue reading

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Macklamara! Back to square one!

When I started to gather thoughts and formulate this project in 2010 I had a first idea. It was about the common traditional music around the Baltic Sea and what it might contain. My first and obvious thought was the … Continue reading

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They are a golden link in the chain!

Funny, today I got a newsmail from the Swedish music copyright organization STIM where they, like last time, keep on cheering the music makers that are already in the limelight. They have scored hit lists here and there and they … Continue reading

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BaSIC in the studio

BaSIC crew playing “Götharne”, a tune found in a notebook in the museum in Mörrum, dated early 1800’s. But the tune is also a known Danish drinking song. We are not sure how it went from drinking song to representing … Continue reading

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Time to leave some marks…

This weekend we had a recording session for some of the work we’ve done during the year. We arranged and recorded some tunes, but also looked at a couple of the old notebooks and brought a couple of tunes to … Continue reading

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Wiosna – again….

It’s fascinating how spring comes back every year, eventhough the winter has been extremely long and cold. This people have experienced through time and year after year giving birth to all sorts of celebrations. Singing about the amazing return of … Continue reading

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