Baltic Sea Inter Cult – regional identity by the Baltic Sea

– a networking project with traditional music as carrier –

The basic aim of the project is to work with the regional identity in encounter with other cultures. When meeting others around folk music, you can create platforms and networks of cooperation and thereby strengthen your own identity and at the same time become open to meetings with others.

The project is aiming specifically at young people in their late teens, with an interest in international relations and music. The idea is to give them the opportunity to build personal networks in ongoing and future cooperation.

To be open, generous and curious about other cultures, you must first understand your own. Only then can you put aside prejudice and competitive thinking, and instead see the commonalities and opportunities for cooperation. Folk music is particularly suited to work with, because it contains knowledge related to a region and its development and history, while it is an excellent tool for creativity among people with different languages.

We are recruiting people to the project during March and April 2011.

Any questions? Do you want to join?



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