Everything must come to an end…or not?

Last Saturday the BaSIC-team had its last concert. The project have been going on since February 2011 and has now come to its final chapter. 18 youth and 4 leaders (and hundreds of people in the outskirts) have been involved in Sweden and at least as many in Estonia and Poland. There will be several more blog posts, since a report on the whole project must be written before the year is over. So at this point I will just summarize this last weekend.


The project management team….

The planning of the concert was made by Martin, Agnes and Julia, who worked as the core of a project managing team. They planned the program, gathered the youth, booked the venue, contacted the press, made invitations and posters, etc. But Saturday was not only a concert it was also, as usual, a day for everyone to have fun together; talking, laughing, singing, playing, eating Agnes’ delicious chocolate balls….


Emmie singing in Võrumaa keelt.

The whole day was spent at Slöjdhuset (the Handicraft House). As a leader I am totally amazed how all these youngsters have grown since we first met them in June 2011 – both as persons and musicians! The concert was excellent, high quality, loads of energy!


Agnes and Martin choosing ribbons

We got greetings sent from our friends and mentors in Estonia and Poland through letters, emails and funny video clips.


Kaisa sends a loving greeting from Tartu


A nice letter and a standing invitation to Tartu came from Ann Maria, Lõmas and Miina

We handed out ribbons (spelemansband), a songbook (made by Linnea B), diplomas and long hugs.


Woven ribbons (spelemansband) were handed out


We hugged A LOT!

Afterwards we were a dedicated bunch that spent the evening and night drinking glögg, eating ris-a-la-malta and Christmas candy, playing, singing Christmas songs and having a good time.


Tomtegröt at the after party


Night playing (both music and computers…)

This is of course not an end, but we will find new ways to continue with all the amazing people we have brought together.


About baltsic

I am the project manager of the folk music project Baltic Sea Inter Cult
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