Martin revisiting Suwalki

One of the things we were supposed to do in Poland was visiting the schools participating in the Krusznia Academy. Unfortunately, there had been some kind of misunderstanding, because all the students were away from school, attending concerts…


But we got to do a public performance anyway, on the Thursday evening, the Krusznia crew arranged a meeting with launching of “Chwilę wiosna”, the documentary film from the Wiosna festival last summer and a small concert, as we wrote about earlier.

The session took place in the school building in the small village Maćkowa Ruda. We did not expect many people to come, but when we started at six o’clock, the place was crowded! There were approximately 40 people there.


 We started the evening by showing the film. It was really good and everybody seemed to appreciate it. We dreamt ourselves back to those wonderful summer days.

After that, it was our turn to enter the stage. We played and sang several songs, for instance some Swedish polskas, the type of tune, which as the name indicates, most likely originates from Poland. We also presented and talked about the BaSIC project and what we had experienced together so far.

Afterwards, we listened to our Polish friends playing and singing some nice tunes, but then the audience wanted more Swedish music, so we had to do many encores. We had not had time to practice a lot, and therefore we hade to make fast decisions on stage, we did not really know which songs to play…

Then we had a some time for a jam session before we left the place. It was a very nice evening, because the people were very interested in what we were doing and liked our music. Paweł, got many phone calls the following day from people who just wanted to tell him how much they enjoyed it.



About baltsic

I am the project manager of the folk music project Baltic Sea Inter Cult
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  1. We missed the evening in Mackowa Ruda, I was very sad when I saw an announcment day after… I hope next time I will keep my eyes on local events better…

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